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I AM Melz A Beckett - ManaWai spiritual healer.  I have been self-employed for over 30 years and are passionate about creating what I believe in.​


Unlimited Living Ventures established 2019 enabled me to embark on a journey of aiding others.  Firstly with Access Consciousness as a Practioner/Facilitator, providing sessions at markets, home also classes. 


The Bars is a body process for dynamic change which involves touching the 32 points on the head, that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area of your life.  It is like hitting the delete button on your computer.

At the worst it will feel like a massage and the best case scenario, your whole life will change!

"Personally it immediately changed my being towards immense past issues around grief.  That had always aided my unhappiness.  I now feel renewed and excited about life"



Soul Singer crystal infusion bowls also became a new healing method and product.  These beautiful tools that clear yours and any energies whenever, where ever you play them.  Their rich colours and tones are magnetic, using the F Note 432hz will give a body clearing from the heart downwards.  Everyone has different healing experiences.


There are many healing products in the pipeline that I AM currently creating.  They will aid your grounding, chakras, stress, emotions and more 


My healing abilities as ManaWai evolved, this is also what I currently practice at markets and in my studio.

ManaWai Spiritual Healing is my energy and taonga's healing methods (gifts) enabling a clearing of your trauma, blockages, stress, toxins, sadness, emotions and suppressed issues.

You will feel lighter and clearer after each session. You may experience visions, colours or simply peace.

*A Star In A Star* Artwork Meaning

They say and do name stars, although this represents the fact that we are all a shinning star of our own DNA.  Yes, we are already named although we can recreate ourselves on the face of it all.  We are all stars inside of stars, inside of stars that transform and shine continuously when we are truly free and happy to do so 


It also creates a pathway into deeper, personalized, confidential, incorporated healing via Te Whenua O Te Noho.  Conducted at my studio.

ManaWai will provide an in-depth, private, spiritual healing that is individually catered.

I will be given a message for you that states:

* How many treatment sessions

* How often

* Topic we start from

*Transforming* Artwork Meaning

As a seed we are planted in the womb.  We are born and transform into a tree that is shaped, guided, mislead to enable sharp edges are produced.

As an individual we can choose to be reinvented with shedding the waste and enabling the love to realign and boost our tree of light and fire to live in accordance of nature.


Unlimited Living Wellness Markets is the latest addition that will continually grow with current venues and more to be created in the North Island

​The services provided by the stallholders at Unlimited Living Wellness Markets, is their professional knowledge and gifts that aid your Wellness Journey. 

They are all hand picked by me by means of their love and skills, also the energy they provide for you and our market environment.

Reiki, Contact Care, Mirimiri, Readers Guidance, Crystals, Health products, Kawakawa, Health aids, Jewelry, Spiritual Art, Reflexology, Natural Products and more

*RENEW* Artwork Meaning

Like the compounded bud we are solid to our faith of Life.

When the petals fall and whither not by choice, we are left wavering in the emptiness of being.

We as a stalk remains, via change and seasons we re-nourish our mana to become this strong, reborn burst of colour.

That now sways in the I AM beautiful, Confident, Safe and Free to choose my path


The pillars that I have created in Unlimited Living Ventures all branch back to your Wellness.

Physically, mentally also aiding your knowledge and tools with modalities, products and healers you can trust.




Welcome - We Appreciate you - Nga Mihi 




TI had the pleasure of working with Melz on a unresolved issue, via Te Whenua O Te Noho.

She has a unique way of addressing problems and clearing them, I knew some of the factors contributing to this but not from the perspective she gave me.

I was guided through these factors with her deep inner knowledge and wisdom to arrive at a point of acceptance and lightness.

Thanks Melz you are very gifted and your energy is truly amazing.

I highly recommend her services.




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